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2023 Airbnb items you need now to save for this upcoming year

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

2023 Airbnb Starter kit ideas , Here's the list you need to get started💫 #Amazon #FounditonAmazon #vacationunits #vacationrentals #airbnb

Hey There,

Entrepreneur's, Momprenuer's, Hustlers and Go Getta's.

Ask yourself How will you stand out in this saturated business?

2023 is all about "Dream, dream, dream. Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action."

whether it's Vacation rentals, STR's

or Airbnb Arbitrage a great resource for any host looking to improve their reviews, profits, and engagement with Future guests all falls down to one thing, EXPERIENCE. From getting insider insights from top real estate investors, Airbnb Super-host and Airbnb business cleaners.

Guests are looking for:

Cleanliness, Location and Experience!

I was able to compile a list of Hot items their guests have continually raved about that has set them apart. Amazon being thee most know "one stop shop" It's where most people turn too when getting started on their units . They've help me understand why each items serves it's purpose aside from all the already known obvious things we need such as bed, Tv.

We hope you find many find these items useful to your business, being able to provide intentional value into your units is what will set you apart.

small clip of items below 👇

Link to Amazon Airbnb Hot List below👇


•OVER 200 items in a one stop shop Amazon list of cool and New items for Airbnb units Discounts on most items

for tax purposes

•Don't forget to use your business credit card to purchase so you are continuously building credit when furnishing units.

keep your receipts separate in a business folder or digital app.

Cheers to a great New year 2023


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